Downshift in U.S. Market Growth But Still Above Trend

Frye Financial |

We currently expect the U.S. economy to grow 3.7% in 2022. The risks are to the downside since the Fed may err on tightening too fast, the recent commodity spike may trickle down to the U.S. consumer, and supply and demand imbalances may last longer than expected. This forecast is lowered from our previous 4-4.5% range originally published in Outlook 2022: Passing the Baton.  "The speed at which federal, state, and local governments shuttered the economy gave rise to an unprecedented shift away from services spending and into goods spending. Now, the debate is centered on how fast this compositional shift will revert to more normal ratios," says Jeffrey Roach, PhD, Chief Economist, LPL Financial.  The rest of this commentary explains the overall themes supporting the forecast.  

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