Wealth Planning

A failure to plan is a plan to fail…

With life expectancy on the rise and the effects of inflation to consider, seeking your goals and pursuing your desired retirement cannot be left to chance. Frye Financial Center CFP®s will gather, crunch and organize all of your numbers to help keep you on track…and to put you in control.

Getting your financial life in sync

The Financial Planning Process:


Establish your goals and liquidity needs while also considering your time horizon and life stage.


Get organized and gain a better grasp of your current net worth and financial situation.


Receive analysis, projections and strategic action plan; it will factor in your debt/risk, income, expenses, insurances, assets, savings ratios, as well as inflation/interest rates, etc.


Gain a sense of confidence when all your accounts and information are aggregated and synced.


Stay on track; feasibility studies, gap analysis, periodic reviews and retirement income projections.

Investment Management

Mathematically engineered portfolios;
matched to your risk comfort level and goals…tested across varying market conditions

The Investment Process:



Our software will pinpoint your precise risk tolerance level. We will then analyze your current investments/ allocations to see if they align with your risk results and goals.


Align & Allocate

Using your risk level/goals, we will allocate your portfolio and stress test it against a vast range of potential outcomes and varying market conditions/interest rates.


& Monitor

We will implement a diversified investment selection across asset classes and sectors, monitor, and rebalance as market conditions/preferences shift.

Making sure you and your portfolio are aligned…

It all begins with knowing your risk tolerance number.

What's my risk number?

Risk Management

How vulnerable is your wealth?

Some of the ways we utilize insurance In the financial planning process:

  • Life: A thorough needs analysis will be used to help determine the proper coverage. We will then review clients’ current policies to determine if they are up to date and properly structured to cover obligations such as mortgage debt, college expenses, family income and liquidity for future estate tax liabilities.
  • Annuities: Features and benefits are ever changing. We review annuities on a periodic basis to determine if they are meeting clients’ current and future financial needs.
  • Long Term Care Insurance: We show clients how crucial this protective vehicle is in the preservation of their own as well as their parents’ assets and advise them as to the many different types of LTC insurance now available.
  • Business Protection Planning: Insurance can play a crucial role in effective small business/corporate planning. Small business can benefit greatly and achieve insulation from uncertainty through the use of key person and partners’ insurance.