Independent, Full Service Wealth Management

Geared to Successful Business Owners, Professionals, and Families

Our team of valued advisors consists of

  • Certified Financial Planners®
  • Client Portfolio Managers
  • Insurance Professionals
  • 401(k)/Retirement Plan Consultants

We are committed to your goals. We are devoted to your prosperity. Each one of us is here for you personally, as we focus on providing comprehensive, seamless servicing.

Over 30 years of guiding clients in

Planning, Managing, and Monitoring Their Wealth.

Client goals we incorporate into our servicing:

Private Clients

  • Building assets
  • Insulating against inflation and volatility
  • Mitigating taxes
  • Preserving family wealth/Estate Planning
  • Organizing and coordinating family financial management
  • Managing Risk; annuities, strategic life insurance, long-term care
  • Retirement distribution/income generation planning
  • Transitioning to salary-free living

Small Business/Corporate Clients

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

  • Consulting on cost-effective 401(k) plans, profit sharing, cash/defined benefit and cash balance plans
  • Plan sponsor support
  • Employee education
  • Better positioning for tax savings through qualified retirement/401(k) plans
  • On-going plan expense review

Corporate/Business Planning Services

  • Business planning
  • Partnership agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Entity planning/structuring
  • Pre-sale Planning
  • Asset Protection guidance

As an independent office manager, Austin Frye of

Frye Financial is in the top 1%

of over 20,0001 investment advisors nationwide affiliated with

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The nation's largest Investment Broker Dealer2

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Scored #1 among clients of top 24 financial firms in:
(as reported in 2017 Cogent™ report)

  • Quality of Advice
  • Financial Stability
  • Satisfaction of fees and expenses

LPL ranked no. 422 on the Fortune 500 list in 20223

1As determined by membership in LPL’s Chairman’s Council for 2023, based on annual production, includes registered representatives and/or investment adviser representatives affiliated with LPL Financial LLC, an SEC registered broker-dealer and investment adviser. 
2As reported by Financial Planning Magazine September 2022 based on total revenues. 
3Data as of August 3, 2022. Fortune 500 ranks U.S. companies based on a review of the prior year's total revenue and factors such as profits after taxes, year-end assets and total stockholders' equity.

We are Certified Financial Planners®

Many people think all financial planners are “certified,” but this isn't true.  Just about anyone can use the title “financial planner.” Only those who have fulfilled the CFP® Board's  rigorous requirements can call themselves a CFP® professional.

Why Choose A CFP®

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