Retirement Income Generation/
Cash Flow Planning

As clients transition into retirement, portfolios are adjusted and managed accordingly

Cash flow planning

Retirements are longer now and retirement income/cash flow planning has become a distinct, key area of focus within overall planning.  During this phase we guide clients in putting an income generation/withdrawal plan in place to help them maintain the retirement they envision. We focus on a mix of income generating investments, while still seeking some growth within reasonable parameters, in order to provide a level of inflation-adjusted funding for as long as needed.  

In this phase of planning we focus on:

  • Looking at and tracking income needs/requirements and all income sources
  • Selecting appropriate mix of income generating investments to meet the requirements
  • Including allocations to provide inflation hedging growth
  • Monitoring projections regularly

As with all phases of their planning, clients are regularly shown charts and projections based upon possible market scenarios as well as personal factors/decisions that can impact their retirement modeling.

Planning software with lifetime cash flow graph

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