How vulnerable is your wealth?

Some of the ways we utilize insurance in the financial planning process:

  • Life Insurance: A thorough needs analysis will be used to help determine the proper coverage for you. We will then  review your current policies to determine if they are up to date and properly structured to cover obligations such as mortgage debt, college expenses, family income and liquidity for future estate tax liabilities.
  • Annuities: Features and benefits are ever-changing . We review annuities on a periodic basis to determine if they are meeting your current and future financial needs.
  • Long Term Care Insurance: We show clients how crucial this protective vehicle is in the preservation of their own as well as their parents’ assets and advise them as to the many different types of LTC care now available.
  • Business Protection Planning Insurance can play a crucial role in effective small business/corporate planning. Small business can benefit greatly and achieve insulation from uncertainty through the use of key person and partners’ insurance.